general | 17 October 2022

Cordless Vs corded

Deciding between a cordless or corded clipper can sometimes be a tough decision and quite overwhelming! But not to worry, this blog will break it all down for you, meaning you can spend less time in the stable, and more time in the saddle!

There are various factors that must be taken into consideration before purchasing your new set of clippers: How often you will be clipping? Are you a beginner? Will you need them on the go? Will you always have access to mains power? This can sometimes be quite overwhelming and having to choose between a cordless or corded clipper can be a tough decision! But not to worry, this blog will break it all down for you, meaning you can spend less time in the stable, and more time in the saddle!


Ultimate flexibility when clipping, a cordless clipper, such as our Eclipse, allows you to have complete freedom, no matter where you are. Power is no compromise, with our Eclipse clipper boasting a speed of 2,500rpm. For clipping on the go, being cordless allows you to clip wherever you are, whether it’s a last-minute tidy-up at an event, or traveling to customers who may not offer mains power. A cordless clipper can also come in handy when clipper young or nervous horses, as a lead may become a safety hazard or something super spooky on the floor!

Although a cordless clipper does allow you to have complete flexibility around the horse’s body, it can be quite impractical for some users.  Time is something anything battery-powered cannot offer. If you plan on clipping more than 2-3 horses in one run, you may be stuck for power, and unless you have a spare battery, you may have a half-naked pony! Although our Eclipse battery lasts for a whopping 130 minutes, for anyone purchasing our Eclipse clipper who wishes to have extra charge on the go, we recommend purchasing a spare battery.



Classic and reliable, corded clippers will always have their place in the market, with our beloved Star being one of our best sellers! Having a constant flow from mains power, corded clippers offer endless, reliable clipping, and often without a big price tag! Many grooms, including Lister Ambassador Alan Davies, prefer corded over cordless due to having the security of constant power.

However, the freedom of endless clipping doesn’t always mean easy clipping. Although our clipper leads are super long ensuring you can reach all sides of the horse comfortably, there will always be that restriction to a certain extent. Additionally, many yards don’t have access to main power, eliminating the option of having a corded clipper.


So, choosing cordless, or corded clippers very much depends on your needs, there is no universal choice. Many professional grooms choose to have both styles of clippers so they can perform in any scenario, with all our clipper blades fitting all our clippers, switching over is never a hassle!