general | 30th SEPTEMBER 2021

Top Tips For Clipping Cattle For Showing

We know that when it comes round to show day, you'll want your cattle to look exceptional. But how can you maximise your results through clipping?

Why clip show animals?

The aim is to increase the positive attributes of the animal and strengthen any weak areas. A few examples include increasing the appearance of the animal’s width and depth, creating or improving angularity, and improving the visual balance of the animal from the profile.

What age animals can be clipped?

Both calves and adult animals can be clipped for the show ring.

Preparation for the animal

  • It is best to start training the animal when it is young. The animal will perform best if it is handled regularly and halter trained.
  • Make sure external parasites and ring worm are treated well before clipping.
  • Ensure that the animal’s nutrition is optimum a few months before the show, so that the hair is of good quality.
  • Before clipping the animal, it is best to wash the hair with lukewarm water and a suitable soap product. This it to remove any dirt or grease from the hair.
  • Make sure the animal is dry before clipping.
  • It is worth clipping the animal a few months before the show and then a few weeks before the show, which will make it easier and more manageable to clip the cow on the day.

What is needed before clipping?

  • The animal needs to be standing comfortably for you to clip.
  • The animal has to also be restrained. This can be free-standing while tied by a halter. If this is not possible then the animal must be clipped in an appropriate crush which allows access all-round the animal.
  • There needs to be good light to allow the person clipping to see what they are doing.
  • You need to allow plenty of time so that this job is not rushed. If you are struggling, stop and try the next day.
  • Cable management is key – ensure the area in which the animal is clipped is free from clutter, with cables organised to avoid any accidents or cables being trodden on.
  • Make sure the blades are sharp and there is plenty of oil to lubricate the blades if required.

What can I clip my cattle with?

The Liberty Lithium Clipper is powered by a lithium battery, providing 2.5 hours of continuous clipping time. This is favoured by farmers because it does not require a mains power source, meaning the hassle of stretching the power cord from the source to the crush is removed. 

For the purpose of showing, we'd recommend our Wizard 20 Tooth Cattle blades, which are ideal for sculpting/shaping hair, blocking and blending cattle coats.

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