Equine | 15 December 2020

Staying motivated in winter

Its cold, miserable and wet at this time of year, and is easy to become unmotivated at times, so it’s important to keep in a positive mindset and maximise your productivity.

Here’s some useful ways you can stay motivated:             

  • Get up early. We know, its not nice to do this when it’s cold, wet and dark outside but this could give you time to ride before your work starts and will mean you will have to do less in the gloomy evenings after a long day at work or maybe being stuck in work traffic on your commute home. You’ll get used to it and who doesn’t love an exhilarating canter first thing in the morning on a crisp, fresh day!


  • Play some music. Whether it’s through speakers or headphones, playing some music whilst clipping / riding will be sure to make time pass quicker, and maybe will help you forget about the cold!


  • Invest in some warm clothing. There’s nothing better than treating yourself to some new clothes, and it’s a worthy investment! No one likes being cold and damp so invest in clothing that will keep you warm and waterproof this year. Look out for specific clothes that will help you technically. For example, our Lister padded jacket is tailored to give you good movability when riding, and hair can be easily brushed off when you are clipping.  https://shoplister-global.com/merchandise


  • Plan your time wisely. When you have a spare minute, you can make your life easier by portioning out your horse’s food for the week in plastic tubs, which will save you time, and you can spend longer riding or grooming.


  • The Lovely summer mornings may seem like a distant memory but don’t worry, remind yourself that, despite appearances, winter isn’t endless. Before you know it, the clocks will be changing and we will be welcomed by the warm summer sun and your horse’s rugs will coming off before you know it.