general | 6 December 2022

Our Ultimate Shearing Gift Guide

Struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for a friend or family? Why not get them something you know they will use and not put at the back of their cupboard...

Lister moccasins

Designed by shearers for shearers, our Lister Moccasins are a popular addition to any shearing kit. Manufactured in premium suede leather with a synthetic lining, our moccs are a perfect gift for any shearer alike.

Shop our Lister Moccasins here.


Tally counter

In need of a last-minute stocking filler? Look no further! Reliable and long-lasting, our Tally Counters are a must for any shearers kit. When it comes to Tally Counters, you can’t cheap out. They need to be reliable to ensure you are getting paid correctly, working to time, and are on target for the day.

Shop our Tally Counters here.


Leather comb holder

When on the go, a shearer will need all his essentials to be within reach and easily accessible. Made in New Zealand from heavy-duty leather, our traditional 6-packet comb holder can hold up to 36 combs. Supplied with dome closures and hanging eyelets, our Leather Comb Holder is the perfect addition to any shed gear.

Shop our 6Pkt Leather Comb Holder here.


Rampage Cutters Elite

Something every shearer could always do with more of… a 10-pack box of Rampage Cutters! Designed for guaranteed consistency, the Rampage offers outstanding performance in the field. With safety in mind, the Rampage also features a broad tooth profile and long outside edge, and is forged from the finest quality steel.

Shop our Rampage Cutters Elite here.


Not sure what to get?

Don’t worry, we got you! If you are unsure of what to get as a Christmas present, you can always go with the safe option and give a Lister Gift card! Ranging from £25 up to £200, let them choose that perfect gift themselves!

Shop our gift cards here.