• Packing up for summer

general | 9 March 2022

Have you ever got out your trusty clippers at the beginning of the clipping season, only to find them rusty and blunt? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to ensure your clippers are clean and ready to power through another hairy winter season!

1. Remove hair

When purchasing a Lister clipper, you will be provided a small cleaning brush. Use this brush by flicking away all the hair on the clipper. You can also undo the tension nut and remove the blades from your clippers to make sure there is no stubborn hairs trapped in between the blades.

2. Wash with blade ice

Blade Ice is essential for spraying away unwanted grease and dust without putting a water-based product on your clippers. Wahl Blade Ice is a smart solution that cools, lubricates, and cleans your blades. It effectively prolongs the life of your blades and protects it against corrosion, perfect when putting away your clippers in between clips and for summer season.

3. Get your clippers serviced and sharpened

Don’t leave it to the start of the next season to get your clippers serviced and blades sharpened! This is the best pay to preserve your clippers over the summer and means they will be sharp and ready for when the next clipping season begins.

4. Oil your clippers

Before packing your clippers up for the summer make sure the blades are well oiled. This is vital for preserving the blades and preventing rust.

5. Seal your blades

If you have purchased blades from Lister, you will be gifted a small wallet in which your blades can be stored. We recommend you wrap you blades up in a cloth or small bag before packing up to help prevent rusting.

6. Store the clippers in a box or grooming bag

Once your clippers have been cleaned, serviced, and oiled, pop them back in their box or grooming bag ready to be used for the next clipping season!


Did you know about Covercote Blades?

An increasingly popular clipping practice that many top riders and grooms now perform is clipping all year round. Lister Covercote blades are designed to leave 5mm of hair on the horse, instead of the typical 2.5 mm. This method allows the horses coat to be just as healthy and shiny, while also achieving that competition finish!