general | 5 July 2022

Lister launches new product that is set to revolutionise clipping.

No cord. No hassle. Just perfect clipping. Say hello to the Lister Eclipse.

Lister, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of clipping equipment, announces the launch of its latest product, the Lister Eclipse.

The revolutionary clipper is set to out eclipse the competition by becoming the smallest and lightest cordless clipper available on the market.

Tried. Tested. Perfected.  Everything about the Eclipse has been designed to improve the clipping experience. The ergonomic design offers greater control, easier handling, and complete flexibility, allowing for easy manoeuvrability around the horse’s body. 

Better. Faster. Easier. Featuring the latest lithium-ion technology battery, the Eclipse offers 130-minute of power and a feeling of supreme agility.

Then there’s the box. Reshaping the industry for a better future. The Lister Eclipse will be the first Lister clipper to come in a bespoke cardboard box that has been designed to perfect encase the clipper and all its accessories. Easily recyclable, the packaging has been sourced locally to reduce Lister’s carbon footprint.

The eclipse takes the hard work out of horse works. Spend less time in the stable, more time in the saddle.

The Lister Eclipse will be available in stores from the 5th July 2022.