Clipper FAQs

Need help with your Lister clippers? We've put answers together for some of our most frequently asked questions, including guidance on cleaning, oiling, tensioning and fitting blades.

How do I clean the clipper and blades?

Wipe the handle with a soft cloth and use the brush provided to brush away any loose hair or dirt from the blades and clipper head. remove the blades for cleaning. Care should be taken not to lose the tension spring. Ensure to oil the blades before putting into storage for protection and ensure to always store in a clean, dry, safe place. It is also particularly important to keep the plug and cable clean, dry and in good working order at all times.

How do I fit the blades?

Disconnect from the power source. Turn the clipper upside-down and carefully fit the top blade to the clipper head.
The crank roller must be located in the socket of the top blade.
Fit the bottom blade, ensuring the two holes are fitting over the two pegs.
Insert the tension bolt through the central hole. Fit the tension spring over the tension bolt and screw the tension nut down tight.
Set the tension.

How do I set the tension?

Screw the tension nut down by hand until it stops. Using the marker on the tension nut as a guide, slacken the tension nut back off by one-and-a-half turns to set the tension.
Excessive tension will blunt and overheat the blades, while insufficient tension will reduce cutting performance and lead to clogged blades.

How often should I oil the blades?

We recommend oiling the blades every 5-10 minutes when in use, using R15 Clipper Oil. Before oiling, brush any excess hair from the blades and clipper.   
Ensure to oil the following; between the cutter points, the surfaces between the clipper head and top blade, the cutter blade guide channel and heel of the cutter blade from both sides or via the two holes, the crank shaft and roller via the central hole.
Frequent oiling will help keep the blades running smoothly by reducing friction and heat.

Which brand of oil should I use with my clipper?

Only use ‘R15’ oil with the Lister clippers. Other lubricants may cause irritation to the animal’s skin or may damage the appliance or blades.

Why won’t the blades cut?

There are a number of reasons why the blades may not be cutting:

  • The blades may be blunt and need sharpening
  • The blades may have been incorrectly sharpened
  • The device may not have been tensioned correctly
  • The blades may not have been oiled as frequently as recommended

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