Service and Repairs

During clipping season, turnaround on repairs and servicing is approximately 3 weeks.

Servicing and Blade Sharpening

Clippers, trimmers, handpieces, machines and drives should be serviced once a year at the end of every clipping or shearing season. This will help to prolong the life of your equipment, make sure it runs smoothly and ensure its safety. By sending your equipment to Lister to service, we’ll clean it inside and out, complete an electrical safety check and replace worn out and consumable components.
Blades, combs and cutters also need to be regularly sharpened to achieve the best cutting performance. 
At Lister, to sharpen clipping blades, we use a process called lapping to provide a smoother, finer and long-lasting cutting edge. For combs and cutters, we use a process called grinding which leaves a sharp cutting edge ideal for shearing. 

To have your equipment serviced or your blades sharpened, view our estimated servicing costs, print and complete the cover note and send it with your equipment to our factory. 

Please note, only current production models can be sent in for servicing or repair.

Servicing Costs


Although our products are built to last, repairs are sometimes necessary. Whatever the problem, our expert engineers will complete an expert diagnosis before restoring your equipment to full working order.

If your Lister product is in need of repair, print off our repair form, complete it, and send it with your equipment to our factory. We’ll then work out what’s wrong and provide you with further advice.

Please note that a £15 inspection fee applies to all repairs. Payment for servicing or repair must be made within 3 months of the work being completed otherwise the item will be discarded or become property of Lister Shearing Equipment Ltd.

Service & Repair Cover Note

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