general | 3 February 2023

Everything you need to know about maintaining your Lister Clippers

With clipping season slowing coming to an end, we thought we would share all our top tips on maintaining your clippers to ensure they live a long and healthy life.

Sharpening, servicing and repairs

We recommend getting your clippers serviced and sharpened at the end of each clipping season, meaning when winter quickly comes back around, you’re prepared from the get-go! As of 2020, our servicing and Repairs department closed its doors, HOWEVER, we have a list of Lister-recommended agents located across the counrty that will be more than happy to help you with your clipping needs! To find your local service and repairs agent, click here.


Storing your clippers

When it comes to packing away your clippers, we recommend giving them a good clean, removing the blades, and brushing off any hair. Once the blades are clean, ensure they are lightly coated in clipping oil and are wrapped up in a cloth or small bag to prevent them from rusting.


Battery operated clippers

If you own either our Liberty Clippers or Eclipse Clippers, we recommend storing them somewhere warm i.e. not at the stables or garage in the cold! Leaving battery-operated equipment in a cold environment can drain and damage the battery.

We also advise that the clipper battery is charged up and run down every 3 months to keep the power flowing, ensuring the battery is working to its full capacity.