News | 8 December 2023

Our guide to maintaining your Lister Star Clippers

A beloved fixture in many stables, the Lister Star is one of our best-selling clippers, with happy customers from all over the globe! Maintenance is key to protecting your clipper from damage and deterioration- if you look after your clipper, it will certainly look after you and be a part of your grooming kit for MANY years to come!

Ready. Set. Clip. Our top tips to running your clipper smoothly.


To tension any Lister Clipper simply turn the tension nut down until tight, then unturn 1 1/2 turns. All Lister Clippers are tensioned correctly prior to leaving Lister.



To keep your clipper cool and lubricated, we recommend oiling every 5-10 minutes with R15 bottled oil. For reference, the 60ml bottle of oil supplied with your clipper should only last you one clip.



Keeping the clipper blade flat on the horse’s body, move the clipper against the hair in slow, long movements.


Finished clipping? Here's how we suggest maintaining your clippers for a long, healthy life!

How do I regularly maintain my clippers?

  • Remove and clean the blades after every use. Also clean the clipper head after every use, brushing away all hair and dirt. Re-oil the blades and clipper before storing them to prevent rust.
  • Check and clean the filter to ensure it is free from blockages.
  • Every year or two, send your clippers to a service and repairs agent for servicing.
  • Get your blades sharpened after every 8- 10 clips. This is dependent on the type of coats you have been clipping.
  • Store your clippers in a warm, dry place to prevent damage.


Is your Star not working the way it should be? Run through our top FAQs

How do I reset my Lister Star clipper?

The Lister Star has an overload protection fuse that will turn the clipper motor off if the blades become jammed or the clipper is at risk of damage. To reset the overload protection fuse, simply press the reset button situated at the back of the clipper by using a pointed object. It should make a “click” sound when reset, otherwise, it likely hasn’t been pushed in far enough.

Top tip: Use the pointed end of the cleaning brush that is included in your clipper box.


How do I remove and clean the filter?

Slide the filter out sideways to remove it. The filter should be frequently removed and cleaned using the brush supplied to brush away any dirt and debris to ensure the motor can run efficiently.

To clean the gauze, a high-pressure airline is ideal, otherwise, wash in detergent solution and dry carefully. Ensure the filter is dry before refitting to the clipper.

If this maintenance is ignored, overheating of the motor could occur as the clipper is not able to cool down efficiently.

Note: Do not run the clipper with the filter removed.


My clipper keeps overheating, what is wrong?

There are several reasons why your Lister Star could be overheating. To help gauge the reason for this, ask yourself the following questions:


1) How often am I oiling?

We recommend oiling your clipper every 5-10 minutes with R15 bottled oil. Spray oil is not ideal as it is of a thinner consistency and can get into the motor, causing damage. A generous amount of oil should be applied as this is what keeps your blades cool and lubricated, avoiding overheating and damage.


2) Am I over-tensioning?

All Lister clippers are built with intelligent tensioning systems. Simply turn the tension nut down until you feel resistance, then following the marker, unturn 1 1/2 turns.


3) Am I using the correct blades?

All Lister clippers get fitted with standard A2F (Fine) Blades, which leaves 1.4mm of hair. If you are clipping something with a thick, coarse coat, this blade is not appropriate. A thicker coat would require a CA2 (Coarse) Blade. This blade has less teeth and leaves 2.5mm, applying less pressure to the clipper head and motor. To achieve a fine finish on a thick-coated horse, we would recommend going back over with a Fine blade after clipping with the Coarse.


If you feel your clippers are still overheating after completing the above, please reach out to Lister or your local clipper servicing and repairs agent.