general | 21 March 2023

Local farmer takes on 24-Hour Shearathon

Worcestershire-based farmer and shearer, Michael McPherson, will take on a 24-hour Shearathon.

Worcestershire-based farmer and shearer, Michael McPherson, will take on a 24-hour Shearathon, raising money for Cancer Research UK and Farming Community Network (FCN).


The challenge is no mean feat, requiring determination and hours of training, which started last year. Lister will be supporting the event by supplying Michael and the team with all the shearing gear and clothing for the day.


We caught up with Michael to find out a little more about the 24-Hour Shearathon and his preparation for it.


Why have you decided to take on a 24-Hour Shearathon?


Not only is it a personal challenge that I have wanted to accomplish for some time, but it is also a perfect opportunity to combine something I love with raising as much money as possible for two very respectable charities. I want to get as many people involved in the event as possible!


What does it mean to you to be raising money for your chosen charities and why have you chosen these charities?


I chose Cancer Research because I know many people around me who have suffered from the disease and sadly, you hear more and more every day. I think we all know someone who has either suffered or is suffering from cancer, so I think that it is all close to us.


Being in the farming industry, FCN is a charity I especially wanted to raise money for. Farming can be difficult in many ways. In this day and age, it is a tough business to be in, whether it relates to finance, mental health, physical health, or just general advice when things go wrong, which in farming it does quite often! It can be isolating at times, and this is a brilliant charity that helps in so many ways. It is a community and support network that you can call on, anytime, and I know many people have.


If my efforts can make even just a small difference, I would be over the moon.


Where will the Shearathon be taking place and who will be part of the team?

The event is being held at Brookhouse Farm, Brookhouse Lane, B97 5PR on Sunday 28th May 2023. 


I have many great people helping to organise the day, too many to mention individually! But I have a great team who will make sure everything runs smoothly on the day. From the bar and BBQ, music, and entertainment (mainly to keep me going!) to the fundraising auction and most importantly to keep the sheep coming! I will mention Lisa Alenka and Hannah Morgan though, as I probably wouldn’t have even got this far without them.


How are you preparing for the Shearathon?


I have been working with Matt Luxton since September 2022 to get my strength and fitness to its peak for the big day. He has given me a strict workout regime to make sure that I am in the best shape I can be. Let’s just say, I am not getting any younger, so he has been a great support for me and is pushing me to do better. I have also got a few ‘warm-up flocks’ to shear to get me in the zone!


What do you think is the biggest challenge you will face during the Shearathon?


I think the biggest challenge will be staying focused to get both my body and mind through it. It’s going to be challenging, both physically and mentally, and when I say I fall asleep anywhere when I am tired, I mean anywhere! So, I think I am going to need my team to keep me going with some encouraging words and sugary supplies. Keeping my strength up will be also a challenge as whilst I have been getting fit and in shape, the sheep I am shearing have had a very good winter and stacked on the pounds! Wish me luck!


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