Shearing | 30 April 2020

What to do after Shearing

Once the sheep has been sheared, you will need to skirt and roll the fleece (if you plan on selling the wool).

Skirt and roll the fleece.

  • If you are looking to sell the wool, you will need to skirt it fist. To skirt the wool, place the fleece flesh-side down on a flat table or other surface. Spread it all out till it forms a single layer.
  • Remove any dirty or contaminated wool from the outside edges of the fleece - this includes any off-color wool, tags or matted wool. These bits are mostly found on the wool that was on the belly, legs and rear end of the sheep.
  • Once the contaminated wool has been removed, you can roll the fleece. The best way to do this is to fold the long sides of the fleece towards the center, then roll the fleece from one end to the other, so the flesh side is facing outwards.
  • This creates a neat package that can be easily transported for sale. Do not tie the rolled fleece, as this can lessen the value of the wool.