News | 26 January 2023

The importance of bathing a horse before clipping

We always promote bathing or thoroughly cleaning your horse the day before a clip to ensure the coat is clean and grease-free, however, we don't just say this so your horse looks shiny and even afterward!

Clipping through a dirty coat can have many repercussions, both for the horse and the clipper!

Clipping a dirty coat can...

Blunt your blades

Clipper blades are designed to cut through hair, not dirty! Although our clipper blades can power through dirt and grime, it is no good for the teeth, and can cause blunting very quickly!


Cause heat

The increased pressure of clipping through dirt can lead to the clipper motor overheating. Additionally, this can cause the clipper blades to be overworked, producing friction and heat!


Pull at the coat

With the hair coated in grease and grime, the clippers may struggle to cut as efficiently, leading to the horse’s coat to pulled. This can create a negative and uncomfortable experience for the horse, which may lead to future behavioural issues.


Leave an uneven finish

Dirt on a coat can create an uneven surface when it comes to clipping. Additionally, the added pressure of powering through the coat can lead to the clippers not clipping as efficiently, creating lines on the coat. A dirty coat also means the finish will not have the desired shiny effect post clip.

Many professional grooms now charge more or refuse to clip a dirty coat because of the damage to their equipment (and rightly so!) Please communicate any issues you may have with a horses coat to the groom prior to their visit so both parties are sufficiently prepared.

Special thanks to East Devon Equine Services for the images!