Equine | 14TH JANUARY 2021

Why Choosing the Right Oil is Important

Choosing the right oil is important for anyone who is considering clipping. Picking the wrong oil can put your horse’s health in danger and can risk damaging your clipper.

Lubricating your clipper minimises the metal-to-metal friction between the blades, and without it would result in your clipper overheating, which your horse would NOT enjoy!

It’s a common mistake to use other oils such as paraffin or other types of fuel, which can irritate your animals' skin and cause great damage to your clipper. As the paraffin makes its way into the clippers motor it also strips the blades of their much-needed lubrication. Please, never consider this, it’s a rookie mistake.

We recommend our Lister R15 clipper oil, which has been specially formulated for the use of clipping and will not cause any irritation to your horses' skin. With this, its also been developed to enhance the performance of your clipper, lengthen the lifespan of the blades and you’ll see improvements in your clipping if you use it!


  • Oil every 5-10 minutes, and before and after use.
  • Oil along the teeth and either side, wiping off the excess with a cloth
  • Use a cooling spray to cool down the blades after use, instead of putting it in other liquids that will end up rusting the metal.
  • ALWAYS use a trusted oil to lubricate

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