Equine | 27TH JULY 2021

5 Signs That You Need To Get Your Clipper Serviced

Like anything that runs with a powerful, high-performance motor, your horse clipper will require a yearly service. Here are 5 signs that you might need to send your clipper in for a service.

An investment a clipper is vital for the welfare of your animal, therefore you should keep up good general maintenance with regular servicing from a professional to ensure a prolonged clipper life and consistent high performance.

We don’t always recommend that you wait for a problem to occur. Get your clipper serviced every 1-2 years.

1 – Unexpected loss of power

 If you notice that your clipper doesn’t have the same amount of power that it once had, maybe it’s time you check your clipper in for a service. Do this if you have checked for all possible reasons for this problem, like cleaning your air filter or oiling your clipper.

2 – Blades aren’t cutting properly

If you notice that your blades aren’t cutting to the same standard that they once were, lagging or pulling through the coat, then the motor may not be generating enough force for them to glide through the coat.

3 – You’ve left your clipper unattended for an extended amount of time

We all want the best results possible when clipping, which is why we suggest getting your clipper serviced if it has been sat in your tack room or storage box for an extended amount of time. If an issue has been left at the end of the previous clipping season, it will likely have gotten worse over time.

4  - You feel excessive vibrations from the clipper

If your clipper vibrates excessively and you have tried all other methods such as re-tensioning your clipper, then there might well be an issue with your clipper. This could be caused by the wear and tear of general components which often get replaced when your clipper gets serviced.

5 – Components are becoming worn

Some clipper problems arise from the general wear and tear of components on your clipper. The most common component to be subject to this is comb, pegs and pins set which assist with the tensioning of your clipper. Most repair agents will replace these for you within the service.

We no longer offer servicing and repairs outside of warranties at Lister. However, we’ve put together a helpful list of our servicing and repair agents who should be able to assist you. You can view this here.

Before clipping season, there is often a 'rush' of people sending their clippers in for a service, so we advise you be proactive and organize a service before this.

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