News | 17 October 2023

Our guide to clipping different coat types

When it comes to clipping, you may think one blade or clipper fits all, but this is far from the case! The blade and clipper you choose can vary depending on your horse's breeding, workload, coat type, and coat condition. This blog explores our blade range, making recommendations for what gear is suited to your horse.

Fine coated horses

Breeds such as Thoroughbreds, and sport horses.

For horses with a finer coat type, we recommend using our A2F Fine blade. This is our standard blade, with it being fitted to every clipper leaving our factory. Leaving 1.4mm of hair, the Fine blade gives your horse the close, even finish expected when clipping.


Medium coated horses

Breeds such as Connemara’s, drafts, and cross breeds.

For horses with a slightly thicker coat, we recommend using our A2 medium blade. Leaving 2.5mm on hair, this blade will make light work of your horse’s coat. Using a fine blade on a thicker coat may lead to your blades dulling quicker and may cause your clipper to overheat due to an excess of pressure being applied.


Thick coated horses

Breeds such as cobs, native breeds, and heavier horses.

When clipping horses with a thicker, coarser coat, we recommend going through the coat first with a CA2 Coarse Blade. This blade leaves 2.5mm of hair and has less teeth, making it easier to clip through thicker coats. This feature also removes pressure from the motor, protecting your clipper from damage. Once clipped with the CA2 Coarse blade, we recommend going back over the coat with a medium or fine blade to remove and lines and give the desired even finish.


No matter what horse you plan on clipping, ensuring the coat is thoroughly clean and the blades are sharp will help you achieve the best results.