Equine | 24TH AUGUST 2021

What Clipping Blades Do I Need?

With horse clipping, comes endless possibilities and that’s the beauty of it! With so many blade types to choose from, we understand that making the decision surrounding what blade is best suited for your horse’s coat is a little daunting, so here’s a helpful blade guide:

Why Choose a Lister Blade?

From way back in the 1930s, we have been manufacturing clipping blades. We know from years of knowledge exactly what your horse needs, with comfort and aesthetics in mind!

All of our blades are manufactured by our friendly team at our HQ in Gloucestershire. They're renowned for their durability, quality and cutting performance. Lister blades are uniquely designed, featuring a ribbed back to reduce weight and heat transfer. The blades even boast a self-cleaning feature that allows for hair to be swiftly swept away from the blades to prevent blockages.

Lister blades are all completely interchangeable, meaning you can swap them over without a fuss.

A2F/AC Fine Blade (leaves 1.4mm of hair)

Fine blades are fitted as standard on all of our clippers, so you’ll be ready to oil up and clip! These blades are suited to the majority of horses, and are ideal for showing in numerous disciplines as they help to accentuate your horse's amazing features to wow the judges!

A2/AC Medium Blades (leaves 2.5mm of hair)

Medium blades leave slightly more coverage than fine blades, which some people prefer. A2 Medium blades are often used during the winter months when it is chillier. For horses with light coloured skin, they may be prone to skin irritations when clipping close to the skin, so the medium blade prevents this from happening.

A2C/AC Coarse Blades (leaves 2.5mm of hair)

With the winter months on the horizon, a coarse blade is always good to have handy in your kit bag. Having only 18 teeth as opposed to 35 teeth like the other A-series blades. Having fewer teeth means that it is capable of clipping dirty, muddy animals or those horses with thick coats, like cobs.

Surgical Blades (leaves 1.0mm of hair)

Surgical blades are designed to clip very close to the skin of the animal to aid with surgical preparation. This is most commonly purchased by veterinary practices or for slick shearing sheep in the USA.

Covercote Blades (leaves 5.0mm of hair)

The Covercote blade, commonly known as the HOYS blade is unique to Lister. This specialist blade is a popular choice for horse owners when we transition through seasons as it cuts off the excess length but still maintains the appearance of a smart coat.

Do you have a horse that suffers from Cushing’s disease? Cushing’s disease often causes horses to become uncomfortable, due to their pituitary gland releasing excessive amounts of hormones. Some effects of this include:

  • Delayed shedding of their winter coat.
  • Increased sweating
  • Lethargy
  • Weight loss

Although there is no cure for Cushing’s disease, there are ways you can assist them in finding their comfort through regular clipping, helping them regulate their body temperature.

A2H/AC Lifter Blades

Another specialist blade that you should consider this upcoming clipping season is our A2H/AC Lifter blades! Horse owners favour this blade due to its great capabilities in blending and tidying the feathers.

2 Options Available:

A2H/AC leaving 13mm of hair

A2H/AC leaving 19mm of hair

The lifter blade can also be used for body clipping show pigs, cattle, goats and dogs.

Prolonging the life of your blades

We understand that nobody wants to be repeatedly sending off their blades to be sharpened, it’s a pain! Despite Lister blades being manufactured from heat-treated steel for increased life and durability, they will eventually need a sharpen, roughly after 8-10 clips, dependent on blade condition, maintenance, and usage.

To ensure a longer life of your clipper blades:

  • Oil regularly (every 5-10 minutes)
  • Always clip a clean horse (any dust, mud or debris will dull your blades quickly!) Ensure they are dry before clipping.