Equine | 19 October 2020

Pre Clipping Checklist

Clipping season is fast approaching it’s time to make sure your clippers are ready to go.

Have you checked to make sure it’s still working? Are your blades sharpened? Have you got the right blades for your clipper?

All these are things that need to be checked pre-clipping as you don’t want to be at lost end.

Here is a little check list before you jump into the first clip of the season to ensure you get the best performance out of your clippers this season

  • Has your clipper been serviced?
  • Is your clipper in good condition or have they been left in a damp place to go rusty?
  • Have your blades been oiled?
  • Are the blades you are using sharp?
  • Have the blades you are using been cleaned and re-oiled?
  • Are the blades fitted the correct genuine blades for the clipper (only Lister blades will fit a Lister clipper)

We cannot guarantee that non-genuine Lister blades will work correctly on Lister clippers.

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