Equine | 4TH FEBRUARY 2021

Discontinuation of the Libretto Trimmer

Following recent changes in manufacturing, Lister is no longer able to support the production of the Libretto trimmer so has decided to remove it from the product portfolio.

Lister’s trimmer range still includes a range of products suited to your needs, from the professional Adelar Pro which allows you to trim for longer with two Lithium Ion battery packs that offer up to 120 minutes of run-time from a single 75-minute charge, to the Adore which is perfect for blending and detail work with integrated cutting length adjustment. 

 While Lister will continue to honour the past, we strive to look towards the future and never stop innovating to ensure we are able to offer the best clipping and trimming solutions. Lister will be announcing new product releases very soon.

The Libretto trimmer is now obsolete and are no longer available for purchase, effective immediately. 


Obsolete Product


Product Name

Product Code

Libretto Lithium Trimmer and Blades


Libretto Lithium Solo Pack


Libretto Lithium Popular Pack


Libretto Lithium Yard Pack


Libretto Lithium Mains Only Pack


Liberty Lithium Deluxe Pack



The team at Lister greatly appreciates and values your custom and we look forward to your continued support and interest in our product range. 

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Should you require further information, please contact Lister Shearing Equipment Ltd via sales@lister-shearing.co.uk