Equine | 14TH JANUARY 2021

Grooming for Good Health

Nothing beats a happy, healthy horse. Grooming pays a huge part in your four legged friend's health and is an essential part in building your forever lasting bond.


As much as we humans pamper ourselves to remain fit and healthy, so do our horses. Building this bond with your animal is incredibly important, you’ll have a better experience during rides as your horse is more comfortable with you, so it's definitely something to consider if you’ve just brought a horse. This will also drastically make it easier to train and clip your horse when you get around to doing it.

A check-up

Grooming your horse provides an excellent opportunity to check for any types of skin conditions, bumps, and lumps that you may have missed. Medical experts regularly express the fact that horses often present their symptoms of the disease through their skin, so noticing these as early as possible is essential.

Health Benefits

When spring comes around, you’ll notice a big difference in your horse’s coat, as it thins out. Grooming, with a stiff-bristled brush, will encourage this, whilst also stimulating the hair follicles and encourage better blood flow, equalling better skin health and hair. Combs are also incredible at tackling the thicker coats, especially when the seasons change.

After a good grooming session, your horse will feel great, and you’ll definitely notice a change in their performance. With that, you’ll also get a lovely finish on their coat, and you just can’t beat that!

Our Top Grooming Products

Rubber Curry Brush works wonders in removing dirt, dust and debris

Combo Brush – Two in one body brush, provides superb results in removing the mud, but also leaving a glossy finish on the coat

Stiff Bristles Brush Features stiff bristles, which is great for removing all mud and dirt and all other material that dries and becomes embedded into the coat.

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