Equine | 29TH SEPTEMBER 2021

Horse Clipping Myths

Over the years, we've heard some rather outrageous clipping myths. Let's bust the ones we've heard most!

Myth: Horse hair grows quicker once clipped

We’ve heard this myth hundreds of times before. Similar to the myth suggesting that your beard grows back quicker and thicker after you trim it, your horse will not develop a thicker coat when it is clipped.

Instead, the thickness of your horse’s coat is actually determined by the actual root itself, found inside your horse’s skin.

Some people believe this myth after clipping in late summer/autumn time, where your horse has not quite developed its winter coat. So, when it does grow, it gives the illusion that clipping has initiated the change, but it hasn’t!

Myth: You must follow a certain clipping pattern

Wrong! People fall into the mindset that you need to follow a particular clipping pattern. Whilst patterns, like blanket clips or hunter clips, are perfect for different disciplines and workloads, it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with them!

Why not try out a type of clip that you haven’t done before?

Myth: Any type of oil is fine to use as a blade wash

Very wrong! When cleaning your clipping blades, many oils like paraffin, WD40, or kerosene should not be used! These oils may cause irritations to your horse's skin and helps to strip the blades of their much-needed lubrication…a rookie mistake.

Instead, invest in some blade spray. The Wahl Blade Ice proves useful by quickly cooling the blades down and blowing out the hair and debris from the blade teeth. Remember this should be used alongside clipping oil, it is not a substitute for it!

If you are looking for a thorough blade cleaning method, use warm water and soap. Afterwards, rinse and dry. Always store your blades oiled.

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Myth: Clipping ruins the seasonal coat

Wrong! Many people believe that clipping majorly disrupts a horses shedding cycle, especially when moving from winter to the summer months. If you notice it is getting a little too hot for your furry friend, give them a clip. Do what is best for their health and comfort!


Do what is best for your horse. Put their health and comfort before anything!