Equine | 4TH FEBRUARY 2021

What's Hot Towelling?

With this cold weather, you can’t help but feel sorry for your horse when the hose comes out to bathe them with cold water. Thankfully, a method exists called hot towelling, otherwise known as hot clothing that provides a comforting and refreshing means of grooming and will also leave your horse with a lovely shine to their coat

Its essentially a way to steam clean your horse, removing the dirt grease from your horses' coat, which can often be a cause for your clipper blades becoming dull sooner than they should. This makes it the perfect grooming technique before and after clipping your horse. If you continue to use this method regularly, your horse will remain with a shiny coat all year round.

What you need:

A bucket (or two if you have a spare)

A piece of material (this could be a towel, flannel, rag, or old item of clothing)

A few drops of an approved shampoo: we would recommend our great selection of Wahl shampoos suited for a variety of horse coats.


Fill a bucket about ¼ of the way full of hot water, which is just bearable to your touch. Add a few drops of your shampoo to assist with the cleaning process.

Soak your piece of material, and wring out thoroughly, as you are mainly looking for the steam from the cloth, which will help deep-clean your horse’s coat.

Use your piece of material like a brush, working back and forth over the different areas, work against the natural lay of the hair.

If you have one, use your second bucket, also fill this with hot water, and use it to clean off your rag to keep the other bucket clean.

If it is taking a while to dry, you probably haven’t wrung out your cloth enough, so remember that for next time!

You should be left with a beautiful shiny coat and a happy horse!

View our hot clothing video below of Davinia, a #TeamLister ambassador hot towelling her horse Kitey.

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