Equine | 5 November 2018

Introducing the Liberty Lithium

  • Liberty Lithium, equine clippers from Lister Shearing

    Liberty Lithium, equine clippers from Lister Shearing

Lister is excited to announce a new addition to its extensive range of equine clippers, the new Liberty Lithium.

The Liberty Lithium is one of the most versatile clippers on the market, offering the ultimate in portability and user safety via its powerful 12V motor. Now supplied with a new lithium battery as standard, the clipper can also be purchased in a variety of packs which include a mains adaptor or vehicle lead as optional accessories, making it the ideal solution for a wide array of applications.

Having upgraded the battery connectors, Lister is mindful of those who may be using an earlier generation battery, so also offers a separate purchasable convertor cable that allows a connection between the original model and the new Lithium battery for a faster charge and lasting finish. 

Boasting flexibility and freedom in movement, the slim lithium battery has been designed to fit stylishly onto a belt that can be worn around the waist of the user. As a separate component, the battery will have more power available and a longer lasting charge, whilst allowing the clipper to be much smaller and lighter for an easier clip every time.

With the use of the powerful lithium battery, Liberty Lithium provides up to 180 minutes of uninterrupted clipping time while the smooth motor ensures a quiet clip, perfect for clipping nervous or young horses.

The battery features a helpful LED display that indicates the current level of charge which has proven extremely beneficial to those who have more than one horse to clip and have to manage their schedules.

While being high speed and delivering 2500 blade revolutions per minute, the intelligent design of Liberty Lithium makes the clipper extremely smooth running and prevents overheating. Weighing only 800g, the expertly balanced and ergonomically designed clipper is exceptionally comfortable to use, ensuring effortless results.

The charge time of the lithium battery is substantially faster than previous generations and other products in the market, taking only 4-6 hours and retaining its charge in between clips. Designed for a range of abilities, the clipper is also extremely low maintenance with the simplest tensioning system in the market, helping to protect our customer’s investment.

For more information or to find out more about the Lister Shearing Equipment range, please call +44 (0)1453 826692 or email sales@lister-shearing.co.uk.