Learning Centre | 10 March 2020

Keep Your Legend Air Filter Clean

Do you forget about your air filter when clipping ? See our tips for best cleaning practice which can help improve clipping performance.

The Legend clipper is durable, allows easy maintenance as well as a powerful clip. The Legend’s state-of-the-art motor technology and a dual position grip, enables you to clip for longer, faster and more comfortably.

The interchangeable air filters and self-cleaning function helps to reduce maintenance time, but it is still very important that you take the time to clean your filters after you have finished clipping or if you think it has become clogged whilst clipping.

If the air filter becomes clogged with hair or dirt the air-flow will be restricted, and may cause the clipper to run hotter than it should. It will also prevent the patented air-flow system from cooling the blades.

We recommend that the filter should be removed and cleaned thoroughly before each clip. This will ensure that your clipper and blades do not become too hot. Extra filters are available separately so you always have a clean one handy.

Expert Tips

  • Brushing hair from the filter is not always sufficient
  • It may not be easy to tell if the filter is blocked. Hold the filter up to the light. Is it blocked with oil or dirt?
  • Clean the filter (not the clipper) in hot soapy water using the brush provided. Allow it to dry before re-fitting it to the clipper