Lister News | 17 July 2019

Introducing Lister's New 2-Speed Horse and Cattle Clipper, Fusion

  • 2-Speed Horse and Cattle Clipper, Fusion

    2-Speed Horse and Cattle Clipper, Fusion

The new Fusion Clipper combines powerful performance, cool operation and ergonomic design to ensure the best results, making it ideal for clipping horses and cattle.

FUSION CLIPPER is the latest addition to Lister's range of heavy duty horse and cattle clippers. It is the perfect combination of powerful performance, cool operation and ergonomic design. 

Whether you’re body clipping or cutting through thicker, dirtier coats, enjoy the convenience of alternating between speeds for different applications. Fusion Clipper runs at standard speed of 2500rpm for general grooming and a high speed of 2900rpm for a faster, efficient clip.
With a powerful 360W motor, the Fusion Clipper ensures consistent performance and the drive needed for the toughest animal clipping applications without faltering under pressure.

When you’re clipping, hair can be a nuisance as it gets caught in the tensioning system, jamming up threads in the tension nut which prevents the blades from being properly tensioned which leads to reduced performance.
The Fusion Clipper has been designed with an intelligent tensioning system, with improved grip for easier tensioning and a new design that prevents hair from entering the system for longer life.

Under heavy loads, clippers can be overworked and may begin to get hot and become uncomfortable to use as the excess heat doesn’t have anywhere to escape, which results in the handle and motor overheating. To combat this, the Fusion Clipper was designed to be cool running for superior handling, incorporating a double fan design and ventilation outlets. This maximises cool airflow through the body of the clipper and to the motor, before being directed out through the outlets, ensuring comfortable handling.
With a uniquely designed metal head, the blades are kept cool as the head acts as a heat sync absorbing the heat away from the blades and radiating it out into the air to maximise comfort for the animal.

Ergonomic and lightweight, the Fusion Clipper is easy to manoeuvre, reducing wrist fatigue for the user even over long periods of use. Comfort and control is guaranteed as Lister developed the clipper to be perfectly weighted, so it is able to glide through any coat effortlessly.

“After significant development, countless field tests in all conditions and numerous prototypes, we were able to create a clipper that encompasses all of the features desired by its users.
The Fusion Clipper is an embodiment of sleek design, refined ergonomics and technical prowess to ensure market leading performance” said Robin Howell, Head of New Product Development at Lister. “We looked at what was offered in the market, listened to what people wanted and we gave them that, but made it better, and the innovations included in this product will set the standard for the range to come.”

The new Fusion Clipper is available now.