Lister News | 31 May 2019

Lister launches New 3-Speed Shearing Machine, NEXUS ELITE SENSOR

  • Powerful, Nexus Elite Sensor

    Powerful, Nexus Elite Sensor

The new 3-speed shearing machine ensures consistently good results in all shearing conditions, guaranteeing superior safety and powerful performance.

NEXUS ELITE SENSOR is the latest addition to Lister’s range of shearing machines. It offers the ultimate in user safety and power, featuring a powerful 700W motor and electronic current sensor that protects the user and avoids lock-ups by automatically stopping the machine if the handpiece hits an obstruction in the wool.

Shearing is tough, physically demanding and requires a lot of skill. Shearers have to work quickly and consistently for long periods, so must have safe, robust and efficient equipment they can rely upon to get the job done.

With a handpiece operating at a cutting speed of up to 3,500rpm, it can be an extremely dangerous tool if uncontrolled in the event of a lock-up.

A lock-up occurs when an obstacle, such as wire caught in the wool, becomes lodged between the comb and the cutter, causing an instantaneous drop in the cutting speed from 3,500rpm to 0rpm. With the sudden drop in cutting speed and the machine still driving, the handpiece can be forced free from the hand of the shearer and has the potential to cause fatal injury.

Striving to improve shearing shed safety, the new NEXUS ELITE SENSOR has been manufactured to include an electronic safety sensor, that will automatically stop the machine if the handpiece hits an obstruction in the wool, offering invaluable protection for both the shearer and animal.

Boasting powerful adaptability, NEXUS ELITE SENSOR features a range of speeds that cater to all shearing conditions, extending from 2,800rpm to 3,500rpm, that allow the shearer to work at a speed they feel comfortable with to get the best results.

With a powerful 700W motor, Lister’s new NEXUS ELITE SENSOR is the most powerful shearing machine available on the market. Providing the drive shearers need to get the job done even in the most challenging conditions, the powerful motor maintains a consistent speed through all wool-types.

“We have spent a lot of time in the field working with shearers and listening to feedback so we could understand what they need from their equipment” said Mark Grant, Managing Director at Lister. “When designing the NEXUS ELITE SENSOR, we had the shearers’ safety at the forefront of our minds, but also wanted to be able to provide the power and speed needed to ensure the best performance and results.”

The new NEXUS ELITE SENSOR is available in Australia and New Zealand.