general | 13 July 2023

Managing Your Horse's Weight: The Power of Clipping

Our top tips for maintaining your horse's weight, and how clipping can help you achieve your horse's weight goals!

Maintaining a healthy weight in horses is crucial for their overall well-being and performance. Proper weight management not only enhances their appearance but also reduces the risk of various health issues. While there are several methods to help your horse shed those extra pounds, one effective technique that often goes unnoticed is clipping.


Clipping allows horses to keep cool in the summer months, and prevent excess sweating and discomfort in the winter, however, clipping can also contribute to weight management.

But how can clipping help my horse lose weight you ask?

  1. Improved Thermoregulation: During colder months, horses grow a thick winter coat, which acts as insulation. However, when the weather warms up, this excessive hair can cause your horse to sweat excessively, leading to dehydration and fatigue. Clipping helps your horse cool down more efficiently, enabling them to engage in regular exercise without overheating. By facilitating better thermoregulation, clipping can aid in weight loss.


  1. Increased Sweat Efficiency: Clipping reduces the insulation provided by a thick winter coat, enabling horses to sweat more effectively during exercise. As a result, they can cool down faster and shed excess heat, leading to a higher calorie burn.


  1. Enhanced Monitoring: Clipping makes it easier to monitor your horse's body condition score (BCS). Without a thick coat obstructing your view, you can visually assess their weight and adjust their diet and exercise regime accordingly.


Although clipping has many benefits to managing a horse’s weight, it is not the sole solution. To help manage your horse’s weight, we also recommend you do the following.

  1. A Balanced Diet: The Foundation of Weight Management, a well-rounded diet is essential for managing a horse's weight. For this, we recommend regulating the horse's forage intake, avoid excessive grain feeding, and most importantly, consult with a nutritionist!


  1. Regular Exercise: Physical activity is paramount in maintaining a healthy weight and promoting overall fitness. The key is consistency, gradual progression, and mental stimulation!


Managing a horse's weight requires a versatile approach, and clipping plays a valuable role in this by aiding in thermoregulation, allowing for increased sweat efficiency, and providing improved visibility for monitoring body condition. Additionally, maintaining a balanced diet, regular exercise and mental stimulation are vital components of overall weight management.