Equine | 24TH MARCH 2021

Taking Care of Your Horse's Mane and Tail

If you want your horse to stand out this year as we go back to normality, then you should definitely consider taking more care of their mane and tail, it’s one of their most eye-catching features!

First of all, you need to nail the basics. A healthy mane and tail stem from a healthy horse, so to ensure this make sure they are getting the right nutrition they need through a high-quality diet. Doing this will naturally enhance their tail and mane. Keeping on top of regular grooming and cleaning will also help ensure they have a healthy mane and tail.

Mane and Tail Care 

A knotted mane and tail is not only a bad look, but it can also be uncomfortable for your horse. A knotted tail can become itchy and your horse will rub against anything to stop this, which causes damage to the hair and skin.

Treating The Mane and Tail

Before brushing, if you spot any big knots or tangles, use your hands to undo these, as a brush may get caught and pull out hair, and that’s not what you want. Mane and tail hair is slow growing so may take years to grow back to how it once was – take care of it!

Use a wide bristled brush, for example, a curry brush. The curry comb is ideal for removing loose hair from the mane but also massages the scalp. Doing this over time will stimulate the hair follicles and give off a lovely glow.

When brushing, start at the bottom of the hair and work your way up, allowing it to stay smooth and detangled. Use your spare hand to hold the hair tightly above where you are working to prevent hair pulls.


Watch the rugs!

Always get a rug that fits. A rug that is too tight will rub against their mane and ruin all your hard work. Try not to overuse rugs either, only use them if they need it. Using a rug that is too hot could result in heat rash, also causing your horse to rub and thin out the mane

After Care

Getting a mane and tail that looks perfect is hard work, so you’ll want to preserve what you have done for as long as possible. Braids and plaits can be a great way to preserve the mane and tail and there are many unique ways to do this. They have been used for centuries for the transportation of horses. Why not give it a go in your spare time?

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