News | 1 March 2023

Why choosing the right oil is so important!

Choosing the right oil for your clipper seems to be something so simple, just pick up the bottle that says “clipper oil” right? Wrong!

There are many clipper oils on the market that can actually be very harmful to your clipper, causing serious long-term damage, and with clippers not being the cheapest piece of equipment in a grooming kit, keeping them in tip-top condition is a must!

Oils to avoid

Every day oils

A common mistake when oiling your clipper is choosing any old oil lying around in your home. Oils such as paraffin or fuels are very damaging to a clipper, stripping the blades of much-needed lubrication and drying out the clipper’s motor. Additionally, cooking oils are also harmful to a clipper as they are not designed for mechanical use and hold many impurities.

Using any of the oils above is not only damaging to your clipper but can also cause serious irritation to the horse’s skin.


Spray oil

Some brands of clipper oil come in a spray bottle, however, we do not recommend this form of application. When spraying oil across the blades and in the designated areas, the power of the spray means some areas don’t get as much coverage as needed. Additionally, the spray can reach areas of the clipper where oil shouldn’t go, for example, in the motor.


Oils we recommend

We always recommend using our Lister R15 Clipper Oil. Specifically formulated for oiling clippers, our oil is as pure as it gets! The ideal consistency for lubricating the clipper and blades, our R15 Clipper Oil has been developed to enhance the performance of your clippers and lengthen the lifespan of the blades.

We recommend oiling every 5-10 minutes during clipping to help keep the blades cool and lubricated. Afterward, you should lightly coat your blades in our oil to prevent rusting while stored away.


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