News | 11 May 2023

What combs do I need to shear a sheep?

Selecting the right comb for the job is crucial for getting that perfect cut! Using incorrect combs for the job at hand can apply unnecessary pressure to yourself and your gear, increasing your workload and most probably leading to a long, back-breaking day!

Why do I need different combs for different sheep?

The breed of the sheep will have a massive impact on the comb you choose to shear with. The lower the micron count, the longer the bevel. When choosing your combs it’s important to consider the bevel, consistency of the teeth length, shape and thickness. All Lister combs are run-in thickness, ready to use straight from the box!


Short Bevel Combs (3mm)

The short bevel is designed for ‘good shearing’ and open wool. The bevel is also appropriate on thinner combs when the scallop is ground out.

The Lister short bevel combs include the following;

Challenger Elite, Enforcer Elite, Slayer Elite


Medium Bevel Combs (4mm and 5mm)

Our most popular comb range and widely used for the majority of crossbreed shearing. This is suitable for nearly all types of wool. Ideal for early in the shearing season, with tight crossbreed wool or good combing, open merinos.

The Lister medium bevel combs include the following;

Havoc Elite, Renegade Elite, Devil Elite, Demon Elite, Cavalier, Countryman 5


Long Bevel Combs (6mm-7mm)

These combs are ideal for early shearing, tougher shearing, sticky sheep, fine wool sheep and from good-combing, open wool merinos through to the toughest shearing merinos.

The Lister Long bevel combs include the following;

Savage Elite, Reaper Elite, Brutal Elite, Fierce Elite, Countryman 7


Farmer Combs

We also manufacture a selection of combs and cutters suitable for farmers who are looking to either fully shear a sheep or to dag or crutch.


Cavalier Comb (5mm Bevel, 92mm wide)

Designed to suit shearers of all level abilities, the cavalier comb is a medium bevel comb for fine wool and general shearing


Countryman 5 comb (5mm bevel, 76mm wide)

The countryman is a general-purpose convex comb, ideal for shearing and dagging sheep.