Shearing | 29TH JANUARY 2021

Shearing in Dry Environments

There’s often no way to avoid cutting in areas of dry soil or pumice which will cling to whatever it can, especially your sheep’s wool! The dirt or pumice in drier conditions will tend to take the edge off your cutters, meaning you’ll frequently have to swap them over.

There are ways to maximise the life of your combs and cutters, allowing you to keep shearing without so much interruption.

Always grind correctly

 This ensures a good tension between your comb and cutter that any professional looks for when shearing. Watch our Grinding Set up by Sir David Fagan here

Finding this ideal tension can often be difficult for a beginner. All Lister Cutters are designed with a slight curvature so that when screwed together with a comb, there is an element of spring force, allowing the edge on the cutter to always keep contact throughout your stroke.

Use an Appropriate Oil

Many viscosities of oil that are available on the market don’t actually help to expand the lifespan your gear when entering the wool of your sheep in drier climates. Instead, many that are too thick will form a paste like liquid instead as it binds with the dirt or pumice. Look to invest in an oil that gives the perfect viscosity every cut, like our Lister R30 Shear Oil

Remember to always buy extra gear, even if you think you won’t use them, as there’s nothing worse than being caught short with dull cutters


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