Lister News | 16 October 2023

South African shearer takes on 9-hour solo record

South African shearer Tienie Du Plessis is set to complete the first-ever South African shearing record on February 17th 2024 at the Gariep Forever Resort, Free State, South Africa.

Suffering a severe skull fracture in 2009 from a rugby accident, Teinie’s love for being on the pitch sadly ended. During his recovery, Tienie decided to go on a shearing course, and from then onwards, he was hooked. After shearing for 2 years in Australia and New Zealand, in 2013 Tienie set up his own shearing run in South Africa, growing to a team of 6 members and shearing full-time. Alongside this, Tienie has become a shearing instructor, teaching in South Africa and Namibia.

Hoping to put fire in the belly of young talented shearers in South Africa, Tienie hopes to grow the SA shearing status, elevating their teams to compete in a world championships alongside the South African blade shearers.

On the 17th of February 2024 Tienie will be setting the first-ever South African 9-hour solo merino ewe record, with a target of 400 ewes. To prepare for this, Tienie has been shearing as much as possible, working on his fitness and endurance with a personal trainer, and most importantly having a full, healthy diet.

Building up to and during his record, Tienie is raising money for The Pink Drive, a breast cancer awareness charity. You can make your donation now by following this link.


To learn more about Tienie’s record, visit T24 Shearing