Lister News | 19 January 2023

Lister shows support to local inner-city riding school

  • Photo credits to Trevor Ray Hart.

    Photo credits to Trevor Ray Hart.

Lister donates clipping equipment and grooming
essentials to a local inner-city riding school for children who can’t afford regular riding

St James City Farm is located in the centre of Gloucester, an area that has the highest levels of deprivation in the county. Many children that are involved with the farm have never left the city, so having the chance to experience farming and wildlife is something the local community and schools are very grateful for. The charity aims is to present the local children with opportunities that enable them to explore a career in horses and farming. Building knowledge, developing skills and creating aspirations for a sustainable, employable future.

The farm has always borrowed clippers from a member of staff, but they had recently broken meaning the charity had to outsource a clipping service. As part of the donation, Lister gifted a range of clipping equipment, trimmers and animal shampoo to the charity that will help to keep the horses in tip-top condition.

Charity Coordinator Imran Atcha said: “We are so grateful for any donations we receive at the farm, as we rely solely on donations to the charity to keep it running. One of our ponies Charlie has a medical condition that means he must be clipped every 6-8 weeks so having a pair of clippers will make this task much easier.”

Sebastian Goodison, Managing Director at Lister added: “It is a privilege to be able to support St. James City Farm, a charity that does such great work for the local community. For more than 100 years, we have been designing and manufacturing clipping and shearing equipment just a short distance away from the charity.

“Being able to give back to the local community is very important to us, here at Lister. The equipment will be a valuable asset to the team and will ensure that they can continue the hard work of looking after the animals with such great care."

To find out more and to donate to St James City Farm, please click here.