News | 26 April 2023

Summer clipping

The question that is highly debated when it comes to clipping… can I clip in the summer months??

Our answer, yes absolutely!

There is a myth that clipping during the summer months can wreck a horse’s coat, but with proper care, this shouldn’t be an issue! In fact, many horses actually benefit from being clipped all year round!

Many breeds such as cobs and drafts need to be clipped in the summer to help regulate their temperature and keep them cool. These breeds tend to grow thick feathers too, which can be beneficial to clip off all year round for medical or show reasons.

Disciplines such as show jumping and dressage also clip during the summer months. This is mostly for aestetics to keep the horses, looking clean and tidy, however, it can be beneficial when helping recover and cool down from work.

Do you plan on clipping this summer? We got you covered! We have designed the perfect blade for summer clipping, the Covercote Blade. Manufactured with 24 teeth, leaving 5mm of hair, our Covercote Blade removes the thickness out of the coat, without taking off too much length. This blade gives the coat an even, fresh finish, without removing that summer shine!

For more information about Our Blade Range, and the Covercote blade, click here.

Please note, whether you are clipping in the summer or winter, you must rug the horse appropriately for the weather, meaning fly rugs in the summer and thicker heavy weight rugs in the winter.