Equine | 12TH MAY 2021

Clipping Your Horse In Summer

You may have been informed in the past that you should stay well away from clipping your horse in the summer months as it can ruin their summer coat. Although that is true for some horses, others require clipping all year round!

Does my horse require a summer clip?

Some, like thick-coated cobs or heavier breeds, require year-round clipping for their comfort. If your horse is on the hairier side, we would recommend a clip to allow them to cool off, which is important when the sun is out.

What type of clip shall I choose?

During summer, we advise people to clip over the areas that need it most, like the neck and body that tend to sweat a lot!

Hunter clips are perfect for summer, as the saddle area is left on to reduce the risk of saddle sores, and the legs are also left unclipped to protect them from scratches and mud. 

 A  trace clip removes the hair in the areas susceptible to sweating, like the underbelly and neck area but leaves the legs and upper body unclipped.

If you are showing, it's probably best to perform a full clip on your horse. Just be aware of tack rubbing against the clipped coat as this can become sore for your animal.

What if my horse has Cushing’s Disease?

Horses with Cushing’s disease often struggle to shed their winter coats, so their coats are thicker all year round, which can become uncomfortable for them. Because of this, you should clip them regularly. A Covercote blade is designed with horses with Cushing’s in mind, as it allows the longer hair to be clipped but means the remaining hair can be brushed over to offer extra protection.

Considering the colour of your horse

If you are considering giving your horse a summer clip, take into account the colour of their coat. A white horse will often tend to have pink skin, which is prone to sunburn if clipped to a short length. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid clipping them, just use a medium blade, which will leave more coverage than a fine blade to offer them that extra protection that they require.

Flies and Insects

Everybody loves the sunshine! But no one likes the flies and pests that it brings with it. We advise purchasing a trimmer to tackle/blend the feathers of your horse, as this can reveal areas affected by ticks and mites. Keep up a regular trimming routine to catch these quickly. View the trimmer range

You also have to watch out for flies during the summer, as they can be an annoyance to your animal. Leaving skin exposed often attracts them so make sure you are well prepared by purchasing a horse-friendly fly spray or sheet!  

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