News | 13 April 2023

12 things to tick off your equine bucket list!

Our ultimate bucket list for all horse lovers! From riding bareback, to volunteering at an event, we got you!

  1. Go riding on a beach

Hire a horse or take your own on a beach ride! For an even better ride, head over at sunrise!


  1. Ride bareback

Take the leap and take off the saddle! Challenge yourself and attempt a jump or two!


  1. Design a custom riding hat

Head over to the Charles Owen website where you can customise your very own riding hat!


  1. Get creative with clipping

Try and clip some funky designs on your horse, and be sure to tag us @listerclipping !


  1. Take a spin in a polo match

Test your riding ability and pick up a mallet! P.s. it’s harder than it looks!


  1. Head to the races

Dress up and head to the races! Place some bets and watch the thoroughbred come into its own on the track!


  1. Volunteer at a show

Your free ticket to some of the world’s biggest events! Equine events are always looking for a spare helping hand at shows, whether its writing for a judge or picking up pole you get to watch the action from the front row!


  1. Race up the gallops

Load up with a friend and declare race to the top of the gallops! Loser has to clean the trailer out when your back ??


  1. Jump a 1-meter fence

Enter a chase-me-Charlie and challenge yourself to go higher than ever before!


  1. Watch a foal being born

A once in a lifetime experience that is an absolute must for all equestrians!


  1. Give liberty a go

spend some 1-2-1 time with your horse and perfect your groundwork with a liberty session!


  1. Visit a Spanish Riding School

Watch the masters at work! Horse riding like you would have never seen before, in a beautiful, picturesque environment.