Equine | 8 September 2022

Everything you need to know before completing your first clip of the season!

Plan ahead!

One of our biggest top tips is ensuring you get your clippers serviced and blades sharpened well ahead of clipping season! The weeks heading into clipping season are super hectic for servicing and repairs agents, so the chances of you having your clippers sorted and sent back in time can be quite a stretch! To stay on top of the game and get your clippers services with plenty of time, reach out to your local Lister-recommended servicing and repairs agent and get booked in!


Check through your kit

Ensure you have the correct blades for your horse! If your horse has a hairier coat type, you may need a coarse blade to tackle the thickness. For more information surrounding blade types, head over to our blade guide!


DON’T FORGET YOUR OIL! A big mistake many people make when clipping is not oiling enough, we recommend oiling every 5-10 minutes to keep the blades cool and lubricated. Not oiling enough can lead to your clippers getting hot, making the whole experience for the horse quite uncomfortable!


Having a stiff-bristled brush to hand can also come in handy when clipping to ensure the excess hair doesn’t build up on the clipper, something like a dandy brush or a flick brush is perfect for getting those hairs off your clipper and blades. Blade ice is also a must-have in your clipping kit! Not only does the spray cool down the blades if you’re clipping for long periods of time, but it is also really good at cleaning your clippers after use!


Plan your style of clip 

There are several important components to consider before clipping your horse, such as their workload, breed, living environment, and medical conditions. If your horse is in light work and lives out in the field most of the time, a bib or trace clip may be well suited. Additionally, if your horse is prone to mud fever, not clipping their legs may allow for extra protection for the skin.


As a rule of thumb, it’s always best to leave more coat on than take too much off if you are unsure.


Click here to read a more in-depth guide on what style of clip would suit your horse best.


Prepare your horse for clipping

 We can’t stress how important is it to bathe and clean your horse with shampoo before being clipped! The main reason we recommend this is due to dirt and grease blunting your blades, making the clip not as sharp and precise. You may also struggle clipping through dirt and grease, meaning there will be an excessive amount of stress on the clippers, which may cause them to overheat.