Equine | 27TH AUGUST 2021

Top Tips for Clipping Preparation

It's time to prepare for clipping season! With the nights drawing in and the temperatures beginning to drop, thicker coats will begin to appear. We share our top tips to help you prepare for clipping season.

As the nights begin to draw in and the evening temperatures start to drop, you will see your horses coat begin to change. Their coats will start to look a bit duller and will become a little bit thicker. As September begins, you will start to think, when should I clip my horse? For most horses, the first clip will be probably at the end of September or the beginning of October and throughout the winter, you’ll continue to clip right through to February.


With clipping season in mind, it is important to start to prepare. Servicing your clippers is an important first step and our helpful guide explains when you should get your clippers serviced. Clippers sorted, it’s time to prepare the rest.


Check your accessories


When you buy any clipper, it should come with a little brush that can be used to brush out the hair from the blades during clipping. You should also ensure you have plenty of oil, which you should apply every 5-10 minutes during your clip. Did you know? The little bottle of oil every Lister Clipper comes with should last one full clip only, so ensuring you have another bottle is essential.


We also recommend having a rug on hand, a fleece or a stable rug is perfect. When you begin to remove your horse’s hair, they will feel an instant drop in temperature, having a rug on hand can help ensure they stay cosy. 


Let the preparation begin!


Give your horse a spruce


Just before clipping day, we recommend that you bathe your horse if the weather is warm enough. Whether you have a Dirty Beastie or a grey that needs to be Diamond White, shampooing your horse the day before will get out any grease that might be hidden under their thick coat. Work the shampoo either by hand, a sponge or one of these handy tools, the Wahl Grooming Mitt. This will help ensure that you get out all the hidden dirt and grease.


Once your horse is clean, we recommend leaving them in overnight in preparation for clipping the next day.



Prepare the mane


To get the perfect clipping line along the mane, section your horse’s mane and tie each section with an elastic band. When you are clipping, you can then easily lift the mane out of the way to get a great line.


Chalk your clip lines


Chalk is a great way of mapping out your clip, it saves time and prevents any mistakes. Whether you’re clipping a hunter or a bib clip, this is a great little trick.


Now you're ready for clipping! Don’t forget to share your clipping creations by tagging us into your posts over on our Instagram @ListerClipping!