Equine | 5 February 2020

Despair when it comes to clipping?

Addie from AG Clipping and Dog Grooming knows all too well what it takes to get a good clip so has shared with Lister her top tips for successful clipping

Addie transforms horses every day with her friendly and professional equestrian clipping service, so when it comes to clipping it’s Addie’s forte. She has shared with us some helpful clipping tips that could make clipping easier and more successful for you.

Can’t stand all the hairs that inevitably get everywhere? Get yourself a Clipsuit! Addie absolutely loves hers and is an essential part of her equipment when it comes to clipping and grooming! They’re also great for wearing over your lovely clean show gear on show days! How many of you have had that green dribble on your white jods while you’re tacking up?!

Plan ahead - allow plenty of time for your clip so you’re not rushing - when you’re pushed for time it can lead to mistakes, tensions can rise, and your horse will pick up on this and can become unsettled. They pick up a lot more from us than we realise!

Prepare your coat for your clip!! This is super important! A clean coat is essential for clipping and allows for a flawless finish without those unsightly clip lines. Not for the faint-hearted - elbow grease is required!! Bathing the day before the clip is the best way to get the coat clean (for a thicker coat allow longer for drying). Scrub in a circular motion to lift the dirt and grease from the root, pay particular attention to the rump as dirt and grease collect here. Clipping dirty, greasy coats are not only bad for your blades and machines, but it is also uncomfortable for the horse too.
‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail’

Look after your clippers and blades and they will look after you! Handle them with care, don’t drop them and store them at room temperature somewhere dry. Tack rooms and cars are renowned for getting damp, If you clippers get damp they will inevitably stop working, your blades will rust and go blunt quickly.  Oil your blades before clipping, during (Every 10mins) and again before storing. Always use a reputable sharpening company and get your machines serviced regularly - Addie services her machine annually or more often if I feel they need it. Have your blades sharpened before clipping season so you’re not rushing to get them done or clipping with blunt blades! Follow the instructions for your machine on tensioning correctly to ensure your blades are cutting at their optimum, if you’re unsure then contact the manufacturer for help! Removing your blades after use will help prolong the life of your tension spring.

Hot clothing after clipping helps reduce any irritation that may be caused by clipping - it removes leftover clipped hairs and oil residue from the clippers and helps smooth the skin. Have the water as hot as you can for best results - a drop of lavender wash smells great too and is soothing to the skin.

Want a healthy mane & tail?

• Don’t over-brush them!!
• Use a brush with flexible bristles so as not to break the hair
• Use a conditioner before grooming, Addie uses mane-ly long hair detangler - a little goes a long way and doesn’t make the hair slippery like some other products,  you can use it in your own hair too! Double Whammy…
• Try not to overuse neck rugs – Addie has stopped using neck rugs in her stable and only have a no fill for out in the field on cold, wet days!


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